We can provide you with multidisciplinary support in all phases of your project: from planning and design all the way through to completion and acceptance.


We provide support to both the contracting parties and the contractors carrying out the work. This is particularly useful for renovation and newbuild projects and demolition and shut-down projects.

A combination of in-person expertise and our DEKRA Safety Platform provides you with just the right support for your construction site safety management.


Ensuring safe practices not only protects those on site, but also facilitates reliable construction processes and successful project completion.

DEKRA is a high quality industrial safety consultancy operating nationwide, with specialists and experts who work together with our clients to create the safest possible workplace environments. Since 1989, we have been providing project advisers and interim consultants for occupational safety in numerous sectors, including petrochemicals, chemicals, oil and gas, energy, infrastructure, pharmaceuticals, and the food industry.

With over 100 safety officers and occupational hygienists supporting our clients in these sectors every day, we have grown to become the market leader and can justifiably call ourselves the leading experts in the field of industrial safety. We can provide you with:

  • Consultancy and Advice
  • Project Support
  • Customised Training and Courses